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What Annies Fans Say...

I really struggle to get my 4 year old to eat fruit, she only really likes bananas so I'm super excited that she LOVES your fruit wiggles and every time I'm making her lunch she says "don't forget the wiggly thing". Thanks for making such a great product :)

Danielle, Weston




Annies Makes Food You Trust

Annies -food you trust hand-makes 100% natural fruit leather, air-dries local apples and supplies a sweet range of natural sugar replacements.


Completely Natural Snacks

Annies yummy hunger busters are fat free, gluten free, yeast, dairy and nut free. We add no sugar, flavours or preservatives and use fruit pulp (not concentrate). Annies chooses only ingredients and suppliers we trust, so we can make food you trust.

Natural Dried Fruit and Natural Sugar Replacements

Check out the whole range - 100% Pure Fruit Leathers, Wiggles, Fibre Fruit, Veggie BarNatural Sweet natural sugar replacements, teeth-friendly gum and mints, and Chocolate Fruit.

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Where to Find Annies

NZ: Find Annies fruit leathers in the veggie section of your supermarket.
Australia: Annies is now available at Coles in the Dried Fruit section (by Baking Needs).
And in bulk from Costco.