Brains behind LBI:
We are Nicky and Jono, a husband/wife team. Nicky is a paediatric nurse, qualified health coach and new mum (her first child is only 4 weeks old!), with a passion for healthy eating, recipe creation and helping families to nourish themselves and their children well. Jono has a background in marketing and design and loved surfing, spearfishing and walking their boxer puppy Lexi.

What is LBI?How did it form?
LBI is a family run business specialising in bento lunch boxes and quality drinkware. LBI initially formed out of a dream to create a business venture to enable the couple to continue their travels to developing countries to do mission/aid work. They wanted to create a revenue stream by selling a product that actually helped and empowered families towards healthier food choices.

What is our mission?
LBI mission is to make it easier for families to make healthier food choices, to reduce the stress of packing lunch boxes each morning and create a litter-free solution (reduce waste by getting rid of glad wrap and snack packs).

What next for LBI?
This year we aim to continue to design more high-end, durable lunch box products (watch this space!) and to try and get bento lunch boxes into every household in New Zealand!

Fav picnic spot:
Tawharanui Beach, North Auckland