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"OMG, Apple Snaps! Man oh man are they delish. My 2.5yo who hates apples couldn't get enough and would have devoured the whole pack if I'd left it in reach"

Miriam, Auckland



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Annies brings you 100% pure dried fruit and Annies Natural Sweet Sugar Replacements.


Annies dried fruit products are a delicious lunch box filler, and on the go hunger buster without the guilt.


All dried fruit products are from 100% real fruit. No preservatives, no added sugar, gluten free, not from concentrate.


Check out also our teeth friendly gum & mints range, and our dietary supplements and natural sweet sugar replacements.


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Read about Xylitol and its excellent effect on teeth here.

Xylitol article Press DEC 2012.pdf(994.11 KB)




Annies Natural Sweet Recipes


Click here to for great Annies Natural Sweet Xylitol recipes.  All these  recipes are for Xylitol but can also be easily exchanged for Erythritol.


Baking with Annies Natural Sweet Xylitol v1.pdf(160.19 KB)

We'd love to hear your favourite recipes too - email us at orders@annies.co.nz


Happy baking!



Product Range & Variations


Fruit leather variations


Natural Dried Apples


Natural Sugar Replacements


Natural Fibre Supplement

  • 100% natural
  • Inulin (from chicory root)
  • 95% soluble fibre
  • Zero G.I.
  • Powerful prebiotic


Xylitol Mints / Gum

  • For dental health
  • Sugar free, contains Xylitol